Tuesday, August 16, 2016

August gardening diary 2016

Aug 15, 2016: Leafy vegs grown from seeds look healthy. Had sown potato eyes a week ago; now the plants stand tall. Got a handful of tender double beans. Sambar onions sown sometime last week have grown well. Okra and chilli seedlings transfered to our land garden; more seedlings waiting to be moved. Of course, our cats love to help us at our garden.
Independence Day gardening
Aug 8, 2016: Food from our garden - a dry curry from banana flowers and a dal from leafy vegs! Double beans went straight in to pulao. Fresh produce always tastes good even when cooked by an average cook such as myself. 
Curry from banana flower, and leafy vegs
Aug 8, 2016: More Barleria or Spatika White flowers are ready to bloom, at our terrace garden. This season's plants have been grown from seeds saved during previous year. The plant can be grown from cuttings as well. Needs good soil, water, and sunlight; also grows in semi-shade. During flowering season, the flowers bloom nonstop, and look so pretty.

Aug 7, 2016: Sundays are beautiful because a helper comes to assist us at our land garden. The land is mixed - portion of hostile and portion of good soil. Been neglected for more than a decade and half. Construction debris is worst; and impossible for me to dig; the helper is God sent! Together we have cleaned a good amount and planted healthy plants. Waiting to see the results; some plants are starting to flower. Today's harvest from land are two banana flowers, handful of leafy vegs, and double beans. Worth every sweat, pain, and dirty hands and feet! 
Banana flower, double beans, leafy vegs
Aug 1, 2016: Green Monday! Freshly plucked leafy vegetables from our land garden makes a tasty sambar.
Leafy vegs

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