Friday, August 5, 2016

Hydrocotyle Vulgaris or Marsh Pennywort

What's the plant of the day, you ask? It's the Hydrocotyle Vulgaris or Marsh Pennywort.

There's confusion about this plant, and I have corrected my previous blog, Welcoming July. This plant is commonly mistaken to Brahmi or Centella asiatica. As already mentioned, I grow this plant both in soil and in water. Have used plastic pots with a soil mixture to grow the plants; grows in average quality soil. No extra effort made in growing the plant. The runners are easy to propagate. Doesn't ask for fertilizers. Haven't seen any pest attacks. 

It's a happy kind-of plant. The Green adds life to a dull corner of the garden. The flowers are tiny and so pretty. I have placed these plants (, in water,) almost everywhere in my terrace garden. Remember that these plants aren't drought-resistant; please provide water as and when required, especially if planted in soil. I have also used this plant as ground cover; looked excellent! 

I use a few leaves (less than 8) while cooking a curry or sambar. The taste is a little earthy. Well, there's no record of medicinal benefits or hazards from consuming the leaves of the plant. If you want to consume the leaves or other parts of this plant, please use your judgement and do your research. For starters, see Pennywort

Who's that, you ask? That's Zorro, stray friend of our cats; eats, drinks, sleeps, and makes merry at our house. He is least scared of us. This morning he dashed straight inside, when I opened the front door! He's a chatty cat; likes to converse. :-)

Hydrocotyle Vulgaris and Zorro



  1. I have this plant in my garden. All these days, I thought it was hybrid variety of brahmi. Thanks for clearing my misconception. I use it to make ಒಂದೆಲಗ ತಂಬಳಿ and it tastes the same as original ಒಂದೆಲಗ.

    1. Ondelaga tambuli is yum, Aparna! :-)


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