Sunday, January 15, 2017

December 2016

Hello friends,

Though there's a lot of activities at my gardens, I am unable to keep this blog up-to-date, and to respond to your queries or publish your comments on time. Apologies.

We are constantly trying to revive our ground, which has been covered with debris and poor quality of soil up to about 2 ft or so. Slowly and steadily, the plants are showing good health. Under the coconut tree, have planted spinach. These are hardy plants, and seem to be growing well without any pampering. Weekly once, I pluck the leaves to use them in cooking; works great as a pruning technique!

One ground our banana plants are yielding sweet harvest. Fig tree has tiny fruits but the birds eat them before we do. That's absolutely fine! There's eggplant plants, corn, tomato, chilli, basil, pomo, lemon, and other plants growing as well.

Our ground garden WIP
A portion of our terrace garden got an uplift - metal holders, metal stand (refurbished from one of our properties), and newer plants. One of my cats loved the cool space, and slept peacefully in the container. My cats love to be around when I am working at the gardens; they like to sniff plants and flowers, play in the mud, and then they nap. Cute helpers!
A portion of our terrace garden
These are Chrysanthemum seedlings that bought for Rs. 10 each. The root-growth was beautiful, and the seedlings were healthy. Will be transferring them to containers.
Seedlings of Mums
My mother had a lovely garden; due to intolerable damage from bandicoots, she got the space cemented. She has a stunning Hosta, which blooms fragrant flowers. I got a bulb from her; praying that the bulb grows to be a stunner.
Hosta flowers from my mother's garden

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous New Year!