Sunday, October 8, 2017

French beans

We are currently growing beans at our terrace garden. These are two types - round and long, flat and short - beans. Soak the seeds in water overnight, and the sow in the potting mix. Helps soften the bean and sprout it.

Growing bags are 6"x6" in size. Potting soil is a mix of red mud, cocopeat, and vermi-compost, usually in the ratio 2:1:1; works well for the weather conditions here. Watering schedule is once in two days or when the soil feels dry. Feeding schedule happens to be once in 15 days; vermi-compost put on top layer, and then mixed gently with the soil in the growing bags. Organic pest repellent sprayed once in a month; if pest attack is high, once a fortnight and repeat.

Two types of french beans

Beans from two plants

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  1. Rats are chewing the potting bags in my garden. Black pepper sprinkling keeps them away but they are back on nights when I forget. Do you have any remedy to shoo away the rodents?

    1. I have had a rodent that would destroy my plants. Tried almost every trick in the book to keep them away. What seems to have worked is a rat spray! Check online for a variety of such products; search "rat spray for cars." But note that such sprays are chemical-based.


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