Sunday, October 8, 2017

Garden updates from Feb - Sep, 2017

Hello there!

We have been active on our Facebook page, but lazy to update our blog site! Therefore, this post is going to a long one, with a lot of photos.

Flowers that grow at our ground and terrace gardens!

Hoya, Azalea, Sunflower, Ixora, Anthurium

Jasmine, Arrowhead flowers, Mums, Flamingo flower

A variety of flowers for worshipping the deity 

Button rose, Mums, and Gladiolous

Mums, Rain lily, Firecracker flower, Button roses, Geranium, Sunflower

Marigold, Jasmine, and Mums

Sunflower (that bloomed nonstop), Day jasmine, Ginger flower, and Gomphrena

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