Sunday, October 8, 2017

Gomphrena globosa

Gomphrena globosa flowers, grown from seeds saved during previous season, at our terrace garden. There are a few more seedlings that are growing well; will take 1-2 weeks to show buds. 

We offer these flowers to deity, and save the flowers to grow plants or to brew tea. Yes, the flowers have medicinal properties; said to control diabetics and cough, and cool the body. Please consult a doctor before consuming the tea or any parts of the plants.

After the flowers dry, split the flowers, crush with hands to separate the seeds, and sow them in a good quality soil mix. We have had a few flowers fall into the neighbouring container, and seedlings pop up after a few days. It's that easy to grow these flowers.

They love the Sun, and dislike excess watering. Feed the plants during initial growing stage and during flowering stage. After the flowers are plucked, prune a bit; newer leaves and flowers can emerge.


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  1. Is this Bachelor's button? We have it in abundance in our garden. I didn't know about the medicinal properties.

    1. Try the tea from these flowers. Take a few flowers in a cup. Pour hot/boiling water on them; allow to steep for a while. Strain in a tea-strainer, add honey or sweetener, and drink.


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