Monday, October 16, 2017

Surinam cherry flowers

I grew Surinam cherry plants from seeds, saved from the fruits we had consumed. Didn't let the plant have fruits during the previous year because it was young. Removed the flowers. This year the plant is healthier and has flowers. Let the flowers bloom, and Nature take it's course, and hopefully, the rain doesn't affect the flowers and that they turn into fruits. :-)

A cement container hosts this plant. Potting mixture is red mud and vermi-compost in the ratio 6:4; can add cocopeat or a bit of sand as well. Watering schedule is everyday, in summer, and whenever the soil feels dry, during other seasons. Providing nutrients is usually once in a month; mainly, vermi-compost. Placement of the container is in a sunny area on our terrace. Haven't seen any pest attacks; however, I spray an organic repellent to this plant also, when I spray on other plants.

Here's a photo of the cherry flowers. Will post a photo of the fruits, when they ripen.


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