Monday, October 16, 2017

Water lettuce or water cabbage

I place the Water lettuce/cabbage (Pistia) plants in my waterlily containers. Both plant varieties - waterlily and lettuce - grow beautifully. Well, yes, the water lettuce is a greedy feeder; feeds on most of the nutrients given to the waterlily plants, and also removes algae from the water. I separated the Water lettuce plants from the waterlily containers. Look how the Pistias are!

Growing Water lettuce is relatively easy. Take a deep container of your choice - plastic to terracotta - fill with water, and place the lettuce in it. For 2-3 days, when planted new, keep in indirect sunlight, and then move it to a place that gets good amount of sunlight. Add nutrients directly to the water, or make a compost tea and add the tea. 

The mother plants flaunt daughter plants at the sides of the rosette. Separate the daughter plants, and place in newer containers. It's that easy to propagate these plants. I haven't seen any pest attacks on these plants, and therefore, no tips on the subject. 


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